Donna is truly one of a kind and I am so thankful to have had her attend both of my births.  Donna possesses a unique set of skills that greatly lower a woman's chances of having a c-section.  In particular, her patience during labor, her skill in fetal repositioning techniques, and her knowledge of proper body mechanics.  Some people do not use midwives due to safety concerns.  However, Donna is experienced, well-read, conscientious, and thorough. She delivers at the hospital and has a backup obstetrician available at all times for questions or complications during delivery.  I myself am a physician, and it was important that my care provider be technical and evidence-based, and this is exactly Donna's approach.  This, coupled with her respect for the physiology of birth and the body's natural abilities provide her clients with the best of both worlds.  Using Donna is like having your best friend manage your pregnancy.  You can't put a price on being able to have all your questions and concerns answered.  I never felt rushed during an appointment (she does home visits), and it was always easy and convenient to be able to reach her directly on her cell phone.  Pregnancy can be an extremely stressful time and whenever difficulties arose, there was nothing like having Donna as my care provider.  I was able to discuss all my concerns and preferences with her at length, and she was an invalubale resource when making decisions.  She is also the only one of my past care providers that suggested a preconception genetic testing panel which yielded very practical information.  Her dietary and safety counseling for pregnancy was very detailed, and she recommended "Spinning Babies" exercises which made my birth significantly faster and easier.  To top it off she is also very knowledgeable about breastfeeding and provided much assistance in this area as well.  I wish more people knew about this amazing midwife so they could receive the outstanding care that I did.

R.W.,  MD



Donna Tabas was a miracle find for me. I was having such a hard time with my pregnancy and felt ignored by my GYN. I craved the one-on-one, intimate relationship that only a midwife can give. Not only was Donna quick to respond, but she was available at any time, day or night, with information, knowledge and even small chit-chat. She never rushed me out of her office and would even make home visits for appointments! I had the luxury of hearing my baby's heartbeat for the first time, at home, in my own bed. Thanks to Donna, I am able to describe childbirth using words such as romantic, intimate, relaxing, soothing, amazing and miraculous. I know she will work just as hard and be just as dedicated to YOU and your baby. She is definitely one of a kind! =)


From Day 1 of working with Donna, my partner and I had no doubts that she could be relied upon to be the professional that could bring our baby into this world through a healthy and personalized experience. Her extensive knowledge, desire to connect, and overall enthusiasm for all things pregnancy and birth create a warm environment that made it easy to experience pregnancy and labor with confidence. I always knew that my baby and I were safe, which was the best gift I could have asked for at such a pivotal point in life. It was important to us as first time parents to have a midwife with affiliations at a fantastic hospital that provided a great support team of medical professionals; Donna fit that bill, and that made it easy to feel like we were in the absolute best hands possible. Post-partum care was thorough and convenient, and Donna was diligent in making sure we were informed of everything relating to the health of all of us, as a family, from start to finish. We are forever grateful to this woman for being the hands that delivered our daughter into this world!

Kathryn Wallis Holroyd

Birthed February, 2017


I didn't know anything about being pregnant. I was extremely nervous. What would this new experience be like? When choosing my care provider, I wanted thorough and personal care. I wanted to know the latest scientific research about all aspects of my pregnancy. But I also wanted a midwife, as I valued their wisdom and philosophy towards pregnancy and birth. Donna was the perfect match. She had all the wisdom and ancient knowledge of a very experienced midwife as well as being up to date on cutting edge science. She was extremely thorough, telling me everything I need to know about my pregnancy. I felt so secure working with Donna. She spent time and energy explaining every detail and I genuinely felt that she cared deeply about me and my unborn baby. During labor she was amazing, guiding me through the process of birth. I loved using Donna as my midwife. She did everything to make sure my birth was as comfortable as possible. Through Donna's expert and loving care I was able to have a natural vaginal birth. From beginning to end Donna was there for me. I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to have Donna as my midwife. Thank you Donna for such a wonderful and beautiful experience.

Tova Lakritz, 2018


We started our journey like most people do; sitting in a doctor’s office, feeling like a number.  There was such a detachment from the person who was to help us welcome our baby to this world; she didn't answer our questions (as new parents usually have) and we always felt rushed in and rushed out.  We didn't know what to do or how to go about making childbirth beautiful, warm and magnificent.  Then, we met Donna.  From the moment I spoke to her on the phone, I knew she was the one that will help us deliver our baby.  Not only did she return my phone call in a matter of minutes, but she remained on the line with me for almost an hour!  She was asking questions, as well as answering them.  She made me feel comfortable and confident in her knowledge of midwifery.  After speaking to her, I called my husband and told him, “I think I found her. I think I have found our midwife.”

Upon meeting Donna Tabas, CNM for the very first time, my husband and I were won over by her welcoming and loving personality.  I fell in love with her open-mind and the passion with which she spoke about her Ladies and delivering babies.  Donna is not only knowledgeable, but is also easy to talk to, is full of patience and glows with love.  If there was a question she was unsure of, she always did her research and got back to me with information and sent me links to read and educate myself with.  Throughout my entire pregnancy, Donna provided great service along with undivided attention, unconditional kindness and compassion.  She helped us make our birthing experience as smooth and stress-free as (realistically!) possible.

Vio and Ray

Donna Tabas delivered my beautiful, healthy baby boy in September! My experience with her was absolutely wonderful! She is the most caring and passionate health care provider I have ever met! From the moment I found out I was pregnant through the "4th trimester" Donna was attentive and loving towards me, my baby and my family. This was my first pregnancy so I had a lot of questions! Donna is the only health care provider who encourages you to reach out to her, day or night, with ALL your questions! She would rather you call her 15 times a day then walk around feeling anxious or with an unanswered question. She is incredibly thorough with her visits and will NEVER rush you! She will explain everything and anything that you ask about until you feel comfortable! This was as important to me as a first time mom. Donna helped me feel confident and relaxed about my pregnancy, labor and delivery. Donna has a very holistic approach to pregnancy and childbirth. She wants to make sure that everyone - you, the baby, your partner, your families - are healthy physically and mentally. She was really helpful in guiding us through many of life's changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth. Donna also listened to my birth plan and wanted to make sure that she did everything in her power to ensure that my birth plan happened. It was such a relief to know that when we got to the hospital we weren't going to have to argue with anyone about what we wanted or feel rushed. We had complete confidence that Donna would do her best to follow our plan and make sure that if things didn't go that way that everything would be safe. I ended up having an amazing birth experience (6 hours of labor!) and now have a wonderful, healthy, happy little baby boy! I cannot gush about Donna enough! It is rare to meet someone who is so passionate about their work. Her priority is keeping mommy and baby healthy, safe and happy! You really do feel like you are the only person she thinks about when you are in her care. I believe that she truly loves every single baby that she delivers. She always says what an honor it is to be part of the experience of delivering a woman's baby and I feel blessed that she delivered miine!

R. Bressler

"Dear Donna,

One of the best decisions I made was switching care to you during my pregnancy. I am truly grateful for your unrivaled care you gave to my baby and me and for everything you taught me along the way.  Also, I’m incredibly grateful for you making the trek into New York City for our appointments. I have never had or met such a caring, knowledgeable, and committed health care professional.  One of your many wonderful qualities is that you truly listen to your patient’s needs, wants, desires and you do everything in your power to follow through with the birth plan. I truly wish every pregnant woman could experience your care.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a memorable birth experience,



I was seeing an obstetrician when I got pregnant, and the very good one as I thought. However, during my pregnancy visits to her, I always felt that I am not informed enough about important things: different testing that was required of me, what kind of food I should and should not eat, my increasing difficulty in doing my teaching job…. Hence, I decided to find somebody who will give me enough of his or her time and attention, and answer all of my questions. And that, and much more, is exactly what I have found in midwife Donna Tabas, who soon became way more to me than just a midwife. 

Donna won my admiration at our introductory appointment with her gentle, intuitive, yet persistent nature; with her deep and vast knowledge of anything and everything connected with pregnancy and birthing; and her love and dedication to her patients. Donna is first and foremost a great medical professional and she always first took care of my physical wellbeing during our monthly appointments. What I appreciate the most, however, is how much time and energy she put into getting to know me and my not only physical but emotional and mental life, my believes and interests, my way of thinking and living, as well as to educate me about everything that I needed and wanted to know about my pregnancy and birthing. She showed me that she is a type of care provider who I can trust with my life and the life of my unborn child with full confidence that she will do her best to keep us safe and help him come into this world in the best possible way. And this confidence in Donna’s intuitive and knowledgeable skills and abilities just skyrocketed at my birthing because she, together with my dream team (you can read in more detail about it in my birthing story “My Dream Team” blog on Donna Tabas website -Blog page), made it possible for me to have a miraculous, amazing, unforgettable birthing and to bring my son into this world how I dreamed I would: lovingly, gently, patiently, naturally, vaginally, unmedicated. My son was positioned in such a way that under slightly different supervision, his birthing would ended up being a C-section. Donna, however, made miracle possible and turned sure C-section into unmedicated vaginal birth with her amazing knowledge and experience, determination and dedication, and above all her love and care. Therefore, Donna Tabas will always have special place in my heart. THANK YOU, DONNA! 

With love and eternal gratitude,



Donna Tabas was the midwife for my first birth, which thankfully was a beautiful, meaningful and empowering experience that I went through without any medications or epidural.
My prenatal visits with Donna were long and thorough - she went through every little detail with me and made sure that I was educated on all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, which helped me stay calm during my labour because every course of action had been explained to me beforehand. Donna has excellent bedside manner. The prenatal visits were all done at my house, which made me very comfortable right from the beginning and helped build a trusting relationship between Donna and I. It's also a luxury to have all your prenatal checks done on your own bed or couch, and super convenient not to have to leave the house!
I called Donna when I went into labour and she checked me right at the beginning when I was only 2cm dilated. She diagnosed that my baby was posterior, which can sometimes lead to a c-section if the baby doesn't turn by itself, so she made me do exercises to help turn the baby, and 45 minutes into the exercises, it worked and I felt my baby turn inside me! Thanks to this good beginning, my labour went really fast from there and a few hours later, she checked me again and I left for the hospital. At the hospital, Donna stayed with me the entire time. She helped massage me and made sure I was comfortable in every way, taking into account all of my requests of how and where I wanted to labour. When I was pushing, she poured olive oil over the baby's head numerous times as it was coming out to avoid me tearing, which worked very nicely. She is an extremely knowledgeable certified nurse midwife of the highest caliber with a ton of experience, and I trusted her completely which made it so much easier to be relaxed during my labour. I knew that my strongest advocate was the one calling the shots.
Donna is a caring midwife who empowered me to feel that I was the one birthing my baby with her as the facilitator. She took the time to get to know me and by the time I gave birth, I felt like a dear friend was delivering my baby. She was clearly emotional after the birth and hand-knitted me a beautiful hat for the baby as a gift.
Whenever I hear of people who had challenges or complications during their births that might have been avoided, I feel very grateful that I had Donna as my midwife.

Anne P.


My fiancé and I were blessed to experience such a wonderful birth with Donna! When I first found out I was pregnant I decided to see an OB doctor.  We were always rushed out of the office and our experience there was far from personal.  My plan was to have a non medicated natural birth with someone I trusted and I didn't get that feeling with my OB.

A couple of months into my pregnancy I went on a search and found the perfect person! Her home visits were very informative and never rushed. If I had any questions I could email or text her and she would respond soon after. She made me feel very confident throughout my pregnancy.

The day of labor Donna was by my side since the moment we arrived at the hospital. Even when I had moments of weakness Donna believed in me. My labor was very intense but I delivered my baby girl in 3 hours!!! The trust I had in Donna helped me cope through labor tremendously and I was able to deliver naturally with no drugs.

I'm glad I got to see both ends of the spectrum because it made me realize how lucky I was to find Donna and experience the birth I really wanted. She is both professional and truly genuine. Something that's hard to come by these days in the medical field.

Jonathan and I really want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


I'm grateful I had Donna Tabas as my midwife.  She had provided not only exceptional professional care but had also given personal emotional support that made me feel so comfortable and secure throughout my pregnancy and childbirth experience.  Donna is a truly dedicated to her work midwife who takes her duty of delivering a baby "safely into mother's arms" as one of the most important purposes of her life.  She is a strong advocate of natural birth and that is primarily why I've chosen her.  My expectations were satisfied completely.  I had a safe and joyful journey through my pregnancy and birth with Donna always being there for me.  No doctor would ever take such care of me as Donna did.  She provided the best care possible for me and my baby.  I will forever be thankful to her for that.

With much appreciation and love,

Maria Grinshpun

"My husband and I were so grateful to have Donna as our midwife! This was our first pregnancy and we wanted a care provider we knew would spend extra time with us and be more readily available for questions and concerns than an OB who sees tons of patients. We also wanted someone who would be supportive of pain free methods of delivery and do everything in their power to avoid a C-section or other unnecessary medical interventions. Donna helped to calm any fears we had about child birth and to make it a beautiful experience free from worries. It is truly her desire and goal to give you the best birthing experience possible and to meet all of your birth preferences.

Pregnancy and birth should be a joyous, exciting and enjoyable experience. Because of how Donna cared for us I can say that it was all these things and more."

Paul and Emily

Hiring Donna as my Certified Nurse Midwife was the best thing I did for my unborn baby and myself.  Her knowledge and expertise is top notch.  She was the perfect combination of medical professional and holistic caretaker / birth facilitator. She is extremely thorough and patient when explaining the pregnancy and birthing process.  Her level of expertise regarding physiological births is impressive and beats that of any of the three OBs I visited before I decided to go with a CNM.  Seeing her in action during my labor proved that my baby and I were in the most competent hands possible, and that I had hired a talented, skillfull and focused professional. My birth experience was marvelous and I am certain it had a lot to do with the fact that she was leading my team.  Donna has a kind and compassionate personality that made me feel supported during my most vulnerable moments (pre-natal and birthing moments).  I highly recommend Donna.


Donna helped us deliver our third child at Pascack Valley hospital. The level of care throughout the pregnancy and after was just what we were looking for. She came to our home, that alone was a life saver, and really took the time to get to know me, our family and our unborn child. We never felt like we were being rushed to finish an appointment and she even let our other 2 kids find ways to be involved and connect with the baby, when appropriate of course. We felt confident that she would safely deliver the baby, take great care of me and most importantly keep me OUT of the operating room. We happily recommend the Donna Tabas experience. 

~Tzippi Schwimmer RN, BSN


I had an OB for my first son (and ended up being induced and had an epidural), and knew I wanted a different experience for my second. I could not have been happier with the care I received from Donna. She is warm, caring, but also professional. My in-home prenatal appointments with her were never rushed and often went over an hour. Donna also was with me just about every minute of my son's (completely natural) birth and supported me in ways I never imagined -- the kind of attention, caring, and support I never got from my OB. She treated me with respect, she listened to me, explained everything and answered every question. My family is now complete, but if I were to ever have another child, I would have Donna as my midwife again in a heartbeat.


After a terrible previous experience with my first pregnancy and delivery, I found Donna. She spent so much time with me at each visit and made me feel completely at ease. I had a bit of a personal crisis going on during my pregnancy for which she provided additional help with, which was completely out of her scope of responsibility as a midwife. I am thankful to her for helping me naturally deliver a healthy baby boy in the most peaceful way. Donna is an extremely caring medical professional which is hard to find nowadays, she is a beautiful soul. Thank you for helping me have the kind of birth I had always hoped for.

Natalia M. 

"Dearest Donna,
How can one sum up in words, the gratitude we feel towards you. From my 1st experience with Daniel to our newest addition Adam, the trust, admiration for your work & loyalty I feel, is immeasurable.

I will never forget how I came to find you, after I left my OB in my 34th week of pregnancy with my 3rd child, & I stumbled onto your greatness. And at his birth, you laid your hands on me in your comforting way & I knew, you were an Angel sent to help me. Even with a posterior birth & shoulder dystopia & my "national geographic" style birth, we did it! No drugs, relaxed, in the zone & confident in your skills, our 9lbs 1 oz blessing came into the world on 4-03-07.

I found you again, with G-d's help, exactly when I needed you with my 4th blessing. Frankly, I was thrilled & feeling so content right before labor, can only help ease your mind. Also, bringing in more of those happy hormones really helped in that final mile of "the miracle birthing marathon", so to speak.

Once again, your calm, comforting, nature as you stayed with me throughout, endeared you to me, as did the irony of my birthing day (10/21/12) bringing Adam into the world, on your own birthday. Probably not the best way to spend your birthday btw, lol.

I'm so impressed that I could still call you a few weeks after my birth to ask you postpartum questions, as it was so important & reassuring. That in itself speaks volumes of your excellence & dedication to your patients.

I'm so glad you were there for me & my son's and I only wish I would have found you sooner.

Kindest regards,

So thankful to have had Donna as our midwife! As a FTM it was very helpful having the extra time to spend with Donna discussing my pregnancy and planning for labor and delivery that you would never get with an OB. She was always available by phone or email for any question I had. She really makes it her priority to ensure both you and your partner are constantly informed about your pregnancy and that everyone is on the same page when it comes to your birth preferences. Once we had our baby she was still constantly available to us if we needed her. She was a great encouragement when I was struggling with breastfeeding and helped me to get back on track and now breastfeeding is a breeze and a success! She is truly a wonderfully caring and kind woman. Not to mention I loved delivering at Holy Name Hospital (private rooms!!!). She made pregnancy and birth a joyous and worry free experience.

Shortly after our miscarriage, my husband and I were blessed to find out that we were expecting. I was fearful of changing practices and decided to stay with my ob gyn. However as my care progressed I knew that the practice of a midwife was more in line with my birthing plan. I then met Donna Tabas. What attracted me to her was her knowledge and professional experience but her warm and supportive spirit felt like home to us. Due to the anxiety and fear that I carried from my miscarriage, I had moments that were challenging but Donna understood and continued to guide me with patience and a gentle hand...always reassuring. Donna helped our family realize our dream of welcoming our daughter in a loving and gentle environment at Holy Name Hospital. She was our fierce advocate, our guardian, as well as our friend. I highly and undoubtedly recommend Donna Tabas.   


A woman who is seeking a midwife is looking for a natural and empowering experience. Something that the choose for themselves and their baby. I had a wonderful experience having Donna Tabas as my midwife when I gave birth to my son.  I was very much against any type of medical intervention (unless necessary) and Donna stood by that.  Another midwfe mentioned that I lucked out with Donna because she is not only a midwife, but a doula as well.  At one point during childbirth,  Donna advocated for me when I was unable to do it myself.  I truly appreciate the professional experience that I received with Donna.  She was very respectful of my birth plan and provided me with a lot of comfort and support during my labor when I needed it the most.  Thank you Donna for listening to my needs and concerns, and giving me such an amazing birth experience!

Michelle S.

I was seen by Donna Tabas for both my first and second child. I delivered with her at Holy Name hospital (about 25 minutes from Hoboken w/o traffic). While the hospital itself doesn’t have tubs, she does provide one if that’s what you desire. I highly recommend the tub to labor in; it really helped with pain management. Not only does she offer house visits (so helpful in the latter months when schlepping around is more challenging), she never rushes you during appointments, and provides way more information and guidance than an OB/GYN would.   In a state like NJ with 40% cesarean rate (highest in the country), you really do need to pick your caregiver and hospital carefully if you don’t want to go that route.


Donna Tabas is a rare professional ...she is super knowledgeable and truly takes the time to learn about her patients. She is interested in knowing the entire health history of her clients and I highly recommend her. After one visit you know you are in good hands.

"Dear Donna,

I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and wonderful care before and at the birth of my child.  I was grateful to have someone by my side with your knowledge and natural approach.  Hope you can continue to spread your love to many more women.

A Big Hug, Ingrid"

"Dear Donna,

Just a thank you for being so wonderful.  From the first time I met you, you were kind, compassionate, understanding and nonjudgmental.  That was so helpful to me through the last months of my pregnancy.  And Donna, I don’t remember exactly what you said when I was in labor, but whatever it was, it was perfect.  I know I felt much more in control than my birth experiences.  It truly was an INCREDIBLE birth!  I know without you there helping me, it would not have been that way.  Thank you Donna from the bottom of my heart!

Love, C".

Donna Tabas is kind, knowledgeable, an excellent listener, and has wonderful bedside manner. Thank you Donna for a wonderful VBAC birth experience.

"Dear Donna,

I wanted to thank you so much for all of your help during the birth of my baby.  I knew I was in good hands with you and I appreciate your patience, professionalism and dedication to following my desires for a natural birth.  You are excellent at what you do and I will remember such a monumental day in my life in a triumphant and positive way. Thank You!

Love, M & B"


I’ve been wanting to write you and thank you for your presence at the birth of our daughter.  You are an incredible woman.  I distinctly recall how clear your voice was to me throughout labor.  You helped me to channel my energy more efficiently.  We were overwhelmed with how pleasant you remained even at 4:00 a.m.  You were excellent with our daughter and your support and kindness toward me made me feel comfortable and safe.  Thank you.  Thanks also for all the help with nursing…It has been going really smoothly and I know I have you to thank for getting us off to such a great start…

With Love and Joy, B.M."

Donna is extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and responsive. I can contact her any day of the week, at just about any time with a concern or a question. She is warm and caring, but also professional and thorough.

"Dear Donna,

My husband and I wanted to thank you again for being an “angel of mercy” to me during labor and delivery.   Everyone we know has heard about you and how God used your hands and your words to comfort and encourage me.  Tears are falling from my eyes as I recall the counter pressure and massage you tirelessly gave me hour after hour.  No one else could’ve done what you did you me that night.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! May God bless you as you continue your studies in midwifery.  You will be the best! It is such a noble occupation and you are a noble, caring woman.

Love, J & J"

"Dear Donna,

We will never forget all that you did for us.  Thanks to your positive attitude, calming spirit and care, we were able to experience the birthing experience we dreamed of!! Thanks for what you do for women, babies, and families- you make a difference in the world!

Love, E.M"

"Dear Donna,

…..I truly believe that you found your calling and that you are a gift to women who believe in the natural birthing process……your care and love was an amazing influence during my pregnancy….thank you for taking such good care of us!


"Dear Donna,

Thank you so much for your kind word, gentle touch, listening ear, and warm personality! I really appreciate all that you’ve done for me along the way and now that I have this beautiful baby girl. Thank you again!


"Dear Donna,

My husband and I thank you for such a wonderful childbirth experience and for your emotional support afterwards.  We really support your love and kindness.



Thank you for all the support and back rubs during our daughter’s birth! I really appreciated your support! Her birth was a wonderful experience! You did an excellent job!

Thanks again, J.M."

"Dear Donna,

I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for helping to make my delivery a wonderful experience.  I’m so grateful for your support because it helped me have the delivery I dreamed of and I will always cherish it!  Thank You!


"Dear Donna,

A note of thanks to you for your support and assistance that was a large part of my first successful vaginal delivery.  Your calm, reassuring voice was something I will always remember.  I’m glad you were there to share a most wonderful experience for us.

Love, S. O."

"Dear Donna,

We have such wonderful memories of our daughter’s birth.  Thank you for all your support and dedication for a natural birth process.  From our first hours in the hospital reframing pain through our daughter’s departure routine, we could not be happier to have you by our sides.

Fondly, R&M"


We can’t begin to express our gratitude to you for all that you did to help us during our daughter’s birth.   Your kindness and strength made it possible for me to get past the unknown and frightening moments and focus on the amazing work of birthing our daughter.

Love always, H.& M"

"Dear Donna,

Thank you so much for all your patience and encouragement during the birth.  You are truly a Pro!  And we couldn’t have done it with your love (or at least we wouldn’t want to).  Keep up your hard work!  You are a blessing to our family!

All our Best, the Z’S"

I'm a birth doula and had an opportunity to work with Donna over this passed holiday weekend. I stepped in as a back up to this birth with little knowledge of the family or the pregnancy. Without getting into detail, the birth had some complications. Donna took the time to help me understand all the medical aspects of this birth. I am so grateful for her time. Watching her with her patient was amazing! She is caring, compassionate, and incredibly knowledgeable. I hope to work her again real soon!

Doula, Lauren