Prenatal Care

As stated previously, your prenatal care can occur at my office or in your home, with no rushing or time limits.  Scheduling of your visits will be individualized and personalized to best accommodate your needs.

Prenatal care is the critical care a woman receives during her nine months of pregnancy and should begin as soon as she finds out she is pregnant.  The goal of prenatal care is to enhance a woman’s health, minimize risk factors, monitor the progress of the baby’s development and to identify potential problems before they become serious for the expectant mother or baby.  Research shows that women who regularly receive prenatal care during pregnancy have healthier babies and are less likely to deliver prematurely.

During the important first appointment, the mother-to-be will provide me with a complete health and pregnancy history so that I will be aware of the mother’s health status and any problems the mother may experience during pregnancy.  The first appointment will also include a complete physical exam.

I have produced an extensive, hand-written Pregnancy Orientation Booklet specifically made for my practice that each one of my clients receive as an adjunct to the information they receive from their Childbirth Education classes or other books you may have.  This handbook covers everything one might need to know about being pregnant that we use at each visit to guide various discussions.   It is a living document because it is updated continually as new evidence-based recommendations come out.  This resource book will be yours to keep and refer to for each and every subsequent pregnancy.

The comprehensive, holistic care I give to my women involves fully informing them about every aspect of their pregnancy and birth.  We discuss educational needs such as nutrition, exercise, self-care, dealing with common discomforts of pregnancy, childbirth preparation, optimal fetal positioning, and preparation for breastfeeding.   I can answer questions about tests and procedures, what they are for and whether they are needed in your particular circumstance.  I can help you to develop a personalized birth plan that reflects your priorities, goals, and cultural/religious traditions.   Much time is spent explaining both the physical and psychological aspects of the birth process, and ways to support you and your partner during that process. 

Due to the ample time I allot to my prenatal visits, the mother-to-be will have the time and opportunity to discuss her personal needs and concerns, previous birth experiences, as well as the emotional and psychological aspects of being pregnant, such as fears and expectations for the pregnancy and preparing for birth.   Over the course of our time together, I slowly help you take any negative, preconceived notions about childbirth that may be based on fear and negativity, and transform your expectations of the natural birthing process to one of sensuality, tranquility, relaxation, confidence, empowerment, and for some, even pleasure.  Many women I have cared for have described their birthing journey as one of self-discovery, self-respect and empowerment.   Giving birth as a low risk woman is a normal, powerful, natural bodily function.   Thus we try to disassociate fear from the birthing experience, which helps make it much easier for the birthing process to unfold without the need for unnecessary medical intervention.  Most importantly, we have the time to develop the kind of trusting relationship that is so crucial to a pregnant woman and her midwife and ultimately her birth process.

My goal is that each woman I care for leaves each appointment feeling listened to, having her questions answered, and feeling informed about what is happening at each phase of pregnancy.   My hope is that as each woman approaches her Birthing Day, she feels confident, prepared, relaxed, and ready to fully experience all of the sensations of labor and birth without fear.

If you are pregnant or suspect you are pregnant, schedule a visit with your midwife as soon as possible. Regular prenatal care is important to help ensure that both the mother and the baby remain healthy throughout the nine months of pregnancy 

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