Mission Statement

Donna's Midwifery Philosophy

My number one goal is to help facilitate an empowering birth experience for you and your family culminating in a healthy baby and a healthy mother. Based on the midwifery model of care that birth is a normal, natural, physiological process, each woman has the right to experience this transformative life event with as little medical intervention as possible, but with medical resources readily available should intervention be necessary. By following this care principle, I can best achieve the healthiest birthing outcomes for both mother and baby. 

I offer individualized, expert and compassionate care to women and their families in a way that can help transform birth into a triumphant event without fear. Using a team approach based on mutual trust and personal responsibility, we work together to develop a birth plan that reflects your priorities, goals, and cultural/religious traditions.  The overall goal is to help your birth experience be a joyous extension of your authentic life. Choosing your midwife is an extremely important decision, and my practice can offer you the highest level of safety, expertise, flexibility, and individualization.