Can I Participate In My Baby's Delivery?

Participating in Your Child's Delivery

Participating in the delivery can be a very empowering moment for a mother. Not all care providers will allow the mother to reach down and bring her own baby into her arms.  Be sure to ask your obstetrical care provider whether or not you will be invited to participate in your child's birth.

After the baby's head and shoulders are out, will you invite me to reach down and bring my baby out and onto my chest myself?

This is a very empowering moment if the mother chooses to do this; it truly makes her feel as if “delivered” her own baby herself (which she did), right into her arms. The endorphins and euphoria that follow are good for both baby and mother. The initial steps of assisting a newborn to begin breathing, if necessary, may be done right on the mother’s chest if required.